Main Character
Name Daniel Krumitz
Gender Male
Job FBI Agent
Specialty Hacking
Status Alive
Portrayed By Charley Koontz
First Appearance Kitty


Daniel notes his desire to join law enforcement began when his parents were murdered. He is a skilled analyst (Avery claims he is the best white hat hacker in the world), yet h×e is also brutally honest. He is a quick witted introvert who specialises in technology, though he is also a trained field agent. He has one sister, named Francine, and has strong bonds with both Nelson and Ryan. Krumitz is often referred to by his nickname "Krummy".

Charley Koontz

harley Koontz is perhaps best known for his work as “Fat Neil” in “Community.” Koontz’s additional television credits include “Perfect Couples,” “Awake” and a recurring role in “Royal Pains.” His first film, “Rubber,” directed by Quentin Dupieux, premiered at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival and garnered an enthusiastic and dedicated cult following. He worked with Dupieux again in the 2011 film “Wrong.” His additional film credits include the thriller “Contracted,” directed by Eric England, and the prison-set paranormal film, “Apparitional.” He is also part of the Los Angeles-based Shakespeare theatre company Will & Company. Born and raised in Concord, Calif., Koontz earned a Bachelor's in Theatre Arts from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. He supports the charities Pencil's For Promise, F&%K Cancer and Movement for Change (Walking with Anthony). Currently, Koontz lives in Los Angeles. His birthday is August 10


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Francine Krumitz