Season 2
No. of episodes 22
Transmission dates October 4th 2015
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Season 2

This season see's Avery as she has the opportunity to take over Simon Sifter's (Peter MacNicol) old job as D.B Russell (Ted Danson) leaves the Las Vegas life and joins the Cyber Team in Washington. Elijah (James Van Der Beek) has to deal with his father having Cancer and refusal of having treatment while also figuring out how to break the news to his daughter Michelle. Krumitz (Charley Koontz) testifies at his sister's trial only to see that she is guilty and Nelson (Shad Moss) and Ramirez (Hayley Kiyoko) start a romantic relationship.


Notes and Trivia

  • Avery may take over Simon's Role due to Peter MacNicol leaving the show
  • D.B Russell from CSI: Las Vagas joins the team
  • Krumitz will testify at his sisters trial
  • Nelson and Ramirez are currently dating
  • Elijah's father has cancer
  • Avery is offered Simon's role a second time and only accepts under the condition that she can still work in the force.
  • Avery kicks Elijah temporarily off the force while he deals with his problems
  • Nelson and Ramirez backstory may be revealed
  • The gang will travel to LA in one episode

Episode List